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Alterations, Gifts, Gift Certificates


(a) Extension Chains:

If you need an extension chain added to a necklace, please request one (and state inches needed) in an email to and I will add it at no charge. If you see an extension chain already on an item in the photograph and would like it removed, again please request it in an email and I will remove it at no charge. Please realize that due to the design of some pieces, not all necklaces can receive an extension chain. This will be stated in the item’s description.

(b) Earring Backs:

Earrings will have in the description what ear piece they contain, and it is also visible in the photograph. If you are purchasing earrings and would like to have the ear piece changed from lever back to ear posts (or vice versa), please state so in an email to and I will do so at no charge. Clip-ons are also available!


If your item is a gift, please send a message to , state "This is a gift" and a packing slip will be used in lieu of an invoice (invoices show the price!). The item will be placed in a white gift jewelry box for its size, AT NO CHARGE! Also, if there is a message you would like to enclosed (ie; Happy Birthday Mom, Love Mark), state this in your email message and it will be enclosed at no extra charge. I love gifts, don’t you?!



Simply purchase the amount you would like (we also offer a FREE SHIPPING Gift Certificate). Gift Certificates will state the amount of the gift plus a special coupon code to use towards their purchase. In your Pay Pal checkout message, tell us what you would like your gift message to say (i.e.- “Happy Birthday Mom”, “Best Graduations Wishes Mary”). You will receive an email with an attachment for your special Gift Certificate that can be printed to give to your recipient, or if you would like, you can give us their email and we can email the Gift Certificate to them, or give us their address, and we will mail it to them (postage is on us!). Forgot to give us the message before you hit the “Pay now” button? Don't worry! If we see that you purchased a Gift Certificate with no message from you, we’ll email you asking you for one, or you can go ahead and send your message to .  

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